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March 31, 2019

Pearlman’s catalyst

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TL 1967(17), 1663-4

Pd hydroxide on charcoal, contains 20% Pd by weight

PdCl2 2.0g (11.3 mmol) and activated carbon 4.8g (HCl-washed grade) was combined with DI water 40mL in a 250mL round flask with a large egg-shaped stirbar. The slurry was stirred on a 80C oil bath under air-cooled condenser for 20 minutes. A solution of LiOH.H2O 1.0g in DI water 8 mL was then added in one portion with vigorous stirring, the heating was turned off and the mixture was stirred overnight (16 hours). The solids were collected by filtration, rinsed with DI water, then with a solution of acetic acid 0.2mL in water 40mL and then with DI water again. The filter cake was compressed with a spatula, the product was dried by suction and then on highvac overnight.

Y=5.74g of a black powder

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