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May 24, 2007

In prize of crib notes

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The exams that require no thinking or understanding but lots of memorizing – of lists, dates, names, messy formulas, etc. – without any lasting usefulness deserve to be cheated on. These are incidentally the easiest kind of exams to be handled by cheating. One should not push his luck though – if you are unsure about how to cheat on your exam properly and if the punishment is harsh, you must stay honest.

The cheating aid should be easy to read from. One has to make use of the limited number of things that are allowed at the exam. For example, when looking sideways under a shallow angle into the reflected light on a transparent acrylic ruler (a green-colored kind works best) the light reflection makes those nearly-invisible engravings to stand out. The teacher looming over you, watching you fruitlessly as you are calmly copying down the whole thing. There are stories about people with thick-rimmed glasses that had their exam notes written on the inside of their glasses. Elaborate contraptions have been made but as always one good simple idea works best.

Reserve few quiet evenings well in advance of the exam – the writing requires organized and condensed information and carefull work. After having prepared good crib notes with a great effort, sometimes one doesn’t need to use them because regrettably, the knowledge of the subject was somehow acquired during the cheat writing.

Do not involve others in your score-improving efforts. You are doing it for yourself and for the good grades that you deserve, for the challenge of defeating the oppressor. A fight against the system requires a discipline; the urge to brag about your exploits must be restrained. There is always some reckless freeloader, righteous killjoy and envious churl who would like to spoil it for you and everyone else.

A confiscated cheating device is not a proof of cheating, only the proof of a temporary intent at most. (Perhaps you had it with you but at the last moment you decided against using it because you realized it was a wrong thing to do – a man gotta listen to his conscience.) A confession of guilt will only get you expelled: Unless you were caught in the act and unless they have it on a video, it is hard to prove conclusively that you cheated. So don’t make it easier.

In early grades of the elementary school, we were sometimes asked to sing cheerful songs about the virtues of hard work. Even at that young age, I marveled whether a phrase “The hard work is a source of all progress” was a sound idea. I came to a conclusion that, in fact, laziness has been a source of all progress. Without the constructive and well-reasoned laziness, a man would be still tilling the land with a pointed stick.


  1. 1. The exams that require no thinking or understanding but lots of rota memorizing, of lists, dates, names, messy formulas without any lasting usefulness deserve to be cheated at.


    Comment by excimer — May 24, 2007 @ 2:52 am

  2. “Without the constructive and well-reasoned laziness, a man would be still tilling the land with a pointed stick”.

    that is one of the smartest things i have ever heard.

    Comment by kiwi — May 24, 2007 @ 7:13 pm

  3. A rebellion against the system requires a discipline

    In Russia student solidarity allows you to cheat freely and helps fighting the system. In the extreme cases, a class can have one cheating source and it will suffice. Informing on a cheating student by another student is nonsense. I have never seen this happen in my surroundings.

    Comment by liquidcarbon — May 25, 2007 @ 1:14 pm

  4. Maybe not smart but smart-ass.

    Comment by milkshake — May 25, 2007 @ 3:16 pm

  5. Arbeit Macht Frei Why would management lie?

    An exam in a productive educational milieu has three goals: 1) To identify and discard the bottom 10%. Stupidity should be lethal. 2) To sort the middle 80%. They sustain the present (and are charged double for the privilege). 3) To identify and cherish the top 10%. The future is born from their heads one painful progressive step at a time.

    An exam in a diverse education ecology seeks to harvest as much tuition as possible without depopulating the football team. A contingent future is borne. The confluence of overwhelming ignorance with overweening arrogance is social advocacy making virtue of failure. The worse the cure the better the treatment – and the more that is required.

    Comment by Uncle Al — May 26, 2007 @ 2:36 pm

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