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September 14, 2006

JJ LaClair Letdown

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There was no real news on the Hexacyclinol controversy today. LaClair had a talk at the ACS in San Francisco. The room was packed, with lots of folks standing. JJ put on a nice first slide with a Xenobe Institute logo and a gif of tumbling faux Hexacyclinol (now re-christened as Udol). He said his Xenobe is a virtual institute that has lots of collaborations, that there is some controversy about his synthesis and that it is very complicated because the mushroom from which the Udol was isolated contains at least 15 to 30 metabolites depending on conditions in which it grows. But then he said Udol was not a subject of his talk and proceeded with a boring talk about fluorescent labeling of compounds. It was not about synthetic chemistry and I could not understand the point he was making – he had a peptide library with a tag at the end and sometimes the fluorescent peptide accumulated in some part of cell, depending on the peptide sequence. He had also a labeled glutathione that crosslinked with some protein he was trying to identify. Finally he put on a slide with a long list of names of people with which Xenobe had collaborations. A picture of the Hexacyclinol T-shirt was shown in place where people usually thank the grant agencies for money. At the end JJ asked whether anybody had question – nobody had any, a short embarasing silence ensued then the next speaker came, the room emptied and that was it.

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